Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Rumors for Tuesday...

Zherdev to Canucks heating up (e4)
The Canucks are about to trade Taylor Pyatt, Matt Cooke, and a first-round pick to Columbus for Nikolai Zherdev, who's contract negotiations aren't going well.

Carter to sign with Vancouver (e4)
The Canucks will sign Anson Carter within 48 hours.

Bertuzzi and Auld to Sharks (e2)
Todd Bertuzzi and Alex Auld will be sent to San Jose for Evgeni Nabokov and Mark Bell soon.

Morrison for Spezza (e1)
One source told me that the Canucks are going to trade Brendan Morrison along with Taylor Pyatt, plus a first-round pick along with Philly's 2nd rounder to Ottawa for Jason Spezza.


Blogger ccap2010 said...

WOW, this site is total garbage

4:24 PM  
Blogger mrleaffan said...

Nice call on the carter thing you dumb hack.

Don't pretend to be Eklund, he rocks, you suck ass.

you aren't even making up plausible rumors

1:32 PM  

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