Saturday, September 30, 2006

Andre-Fleury to Canucks (e2)
My sources tell me that Pittsburgh is in talks with Vancouver about a deal that would send goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury to the Canucks in return for Wade Flaherty, Matt Cooke, and a second round pick.
Updates for Today
Jack Johnson was traded to the LA Kings yesterday, and Carolina was ripped off in the deal.
Scott Hartnell is about to be traded, my sources tell me.
Ty Conklin has been sent down to the AHL.
Pittsburgh is shopping Marc-Andre Fleury, and lots of teams want him, including Vancouver.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Lots of stuff for today...
Nikolai Zherdev officially signed today for 3 years worth $7 million.
Dan Cloutier has signed a 2-year extension with the LA Kings.

Hartnell to Canucks (e4)
Jeff O'Neill sent down to minors (e4)
Brathwaite, Tellqvist, or LaBarbera to Canucks (e4)
Toskala to Flyers (e4)

Hartnell will be dealt by Monday, for sure.
O'Neill will be sent down by tomorrow.
The Canucks will claim a goalie off waivers by Tuesday.
The Flyers are pushing hard for Toskala, who will be traded by next Friday.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Rumors for Saturday
Jason Allison has been talking with Calgary for a while now, and it looks as if he will be signed by next week at the most.

Brian Leetch will sign with Toronto or Detroit by next week, as well.

Scott Hartnell is in talks with Vancouver, and it is most likely a trade for him to the Canucks will occur by early October.

Brent Krahn, a goalie on the Calgary Flames, is eyeing a trade to Vancouver, as the Canucks feel one more goaltender is necessary.

Sources close to me report that the Rangers latest offer to the Blue Jackets for Zherdev did not meet their asking price for the unsigned Russian forward. Columbus insisted that the Rangers add a prospect or a draft pick into the deal along with blue-chip goalie prospect Al Montoya.

Peter Bondra will sign with Vancouver most likely, my sources tell me.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Datsyuk and Iginla Rumors
Jarome Iginla and Pavel Datsyuk are on the block, and teams are swirling to get them.
Florida has expressed deep interest in Datsyuk, and the deal that is almost official goes like this: Joe Nieuwendyk and Martin Gelinas to Detroit for Pavel Datsyuk. This trade is about an (e4).

As regards to Iginla, St. Louis is the front-runner, as they have the space to have Iginla's
$7 million salary. The deal is Bill Guerin and Eric Brewer to Calgary for Jarome Iginla. Calgary wants Brewer to replace the traded defenseman Jordan Leopold. This trade is about an (e3).

The Code is also reporting that Iginla and Datsyuk are on the block, in his Public Insider Chat.
Lots of rumors for Friday...
There has been talks for a while now about a trade between Vancouver and the NY Islanders. The deal has been agreed on, and it is Matt Cooke and Kevin Bieksa for Jason Blake.

There are sources in St. Louis reporting that this was a trade being discussed between St. Louis and New Jersey. The Blues have lots of cap space, and this would most likely be a salary dump. Gomez would anchor the second line, or bump Doug Weight off the first line.

A report from XM radio indicated Jason Allison has received some offers from "western conference teams." Spectors hockey suggests the Phoenix Coyotes may be one of the teams interested and could be offering him more money than he earned as a base salary with the Leafs last season.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Vermette to Canucks
I have heard that if the Marleau to Canucks deal is rejected, the Senators are willing to send Antoine Vermette to the Canucks for Brendan Morrison, straight-up. I figure this is a great deal for the Canucks, as Vermette only makes $565,000. Compare this to Morrison's $3.2 million. Vermette had 33 points, and Morrison had 56 points (in 05-06). Basically, $2.635 million is giving you 23 points, which is a rip-off.
Updates for Thursday...
Evgeni Malkin is almost healed. His shoulder was popped back in today by doctors.

Brendan Morrow signed a six-year contract today with Dallas worth $4.1 million a year.

The Patrick Marleau deal is almost official. The trade is officially for Brendan Morrison, Kevin Bieksa, Matt Cooke, Jesse Schultz, and a second-round pick.

Canucks GM Dave Nonis is almost about to pick up goalie Mikael Tellqvist off waivers.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

More Marleau to Canucks rumors...
The first trade the Canucks have been toying with is a deal that would bring Marleau over here. The Canucks will have to offer alot for Marleau however. The Sharks would want a number of players in a deal including Bieksa, Morrison, Cooke and Jesse Shultz. The Sharks in addition want a draft pick.It would appear as though the cost of Marleau is too high, but with 8 NHL defencemen, an expendable Cooke and the possibilities Marleau brings to the team, this deal isn't out of the question. Another offer is an attempt to land Scott Gomez, but I don't see it happening.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Gomez to Canucks (e2)
There has been talk between the New Jersey and Vancouvre GM's about the possibility of Scott Gomez being traded to Vancouver. The deal I have heard includes Brendan Morrison and Sami Salo. Just talk for now...

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Some Rumors for Saturday...
Marleau trade put on hold...
The trade for Patrick Marleau to the Canucks has been put on hold for a little while.

Jack Johnson deal almost done (e4)
Apparently, Jack Johnson is about to be traded to St. Louis for Eric Brewer and Martin Rucinsky. This deal should be official by Monday.

Malkin to be sent back to Russia (e2)
Evgeni Malkin may be headed back to Russia, according to a Russian court ruling.

Thornton to Canucks (e1)
I just heard that a major trade will go down: Brendan Morrison, Luc Bourdon, and 2 First Rounders and Cory Schneider to San Jose for Joe Thorton. This is just talk, though.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Rumours for Friday...
Johnson to St. Louis (e3)
Sources from St. Louis told me today that Jack Johnson may be traded to the St. Louis Blues. With Erik Johnson and Jack Johnson on their defense, St. Louis feels they are ready for the future. The one deal I have heard so far is that St. Louis will trade Eric Brewer and an unnamed player to Carolina for Jack Johnson.

Marleau to Canucks heating up (e4)
My main sources in Vancouver tell me that the Canucks have made a counter offer to the Sharks for Marleau. The offer is now Morrison, Salo, and a 3rd round pick to San Jose for Marleau and defenseman Christian Erhoff. This deal is very close to being official.

Thornton requests trade?
One source told me today that Joe Thornton has requested a trade because his linemates, Mark Bell and Jonathan Cheechoo have some issues right now. Mark Bell may not play because of his hit-and-run incident, and Cheechoo has injured his knee. Both of them feel they won't perform well at all. One rumor I heard was: Thornton and Scott Hannan to Canucks for Linden, Ohlund, Cooke, and a first round pick. Another was Thornton and a second round pick to Carolina for Eric Staal.

More news later!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Breaking News: Marleau to Canucks (e3)
One of my sources just told me that the Sharks are seriously considering trading Patrick Marleau to the Canucks for Morrison, Cooke, and Chouinard.

Hopefully it will happen!

Carter signs with Columbus (e5)
Anson Carter has signed a $2.5 million, one-year contract with the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Jack Johnson on the trading block...
Carolina defenseman Jack Johnson is on the trading block.

Offers for Jack Johnson
I have heard: Jordan Staal for Johnson, Marc Staal for Johnson, and Zherdev for Johnson.
Jordan Staal for Johnson will most likely happen.

Kesler re-signs with Vancouver
Vancouver matched Ryan Kesler's $1.9 million offers sheet from Philadelphia today.

Canucks to hold press conference tomorrow (e4)
My sources told me that Vancouver is going to hold a major press conference tomorrow, probably to announce the trade for Zherdev. The trade is for Pyatt, Cooke, and 1st rounder.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Rumors for Tuesday...

Zherdev to Canucks heating up (e4)
The Canucks are about to trade Taylor Pyatt, Matt Cooke, and a first-round pick to Columbus for Nikolai Zherdev, who's contract negotiations aren't going well.

Carter to sign with Vancouver (e4)
The Canucks will sign Anson Carter within 48 hours.

Bertuzzi and Auld to Sharks (e2)
Todd Bertuzzi and Alex Auld will be sent to San Jose for Evgeni Nabokov and Mark Bell soon.

Morrison for Spezza (e1)
One source told me that the Canucks are going to trade Brendan Morrison along with Taylor Pyatt, plus a first-round pick along with Philly's 2nd rounder to Ottawa for Jason Spezza.
News for Sept. 12

Ryan Kesler signed with Philadephia today for $1.9 million.
Jason Allison has come to terms with Calgary.
Rick DiPietro signed a 15-year deal today worth $67.5 million.
Victor Kozlov signed with the Islanders today.
Keith Primeau will retire by the end of the week.
Radek Dvorak has come to terms with St. Louis.
Anson Carter will sign with Vancouver in the next 24-48 hours.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Lots of signings today...

Carter to sign with Vancouver (e4)
Anson Carter apparently has come to terms with Vancouver worth $2.25 million a year. It is a 2 year deal.

Vokoun signs (e5)
Tomas Vokoun signed a four-year deal today worth $22.5 million, and averages out to $5.5 million per year.

Simon Gagne signs (e5)
Simon Gagne signed a five-year deal worth $5.25 million a year.

Trevor Linden signs (e5)
Linden signed a one year deal worth $600,000 a year.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Zherdev to Canucks (e3)

According to various sources, the Canucks and Blue Jackets are talking about a deal that would send Nikolai Zherdev to Vancouver for Ryan Kesler, Matt Cooke, and a first-round draft pick. This is almost a done deal. is reporting that Zherdev is indeed on the trade block.

More news later!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Huge News: Pogge to Vancouver Canucks (e3)

My most reliable source told me a couple of hours ago that Justin Pogge really wants to play in Vancouver under Roberto Luongo, and Pogge would fill the Canucks' backup position. One rumor I heard recently is that Pogge will be sent from Toronto along with right winger
Jeff O'Neill, who recently requested a trade, to Vancouver in return for Matt Cooke, Brendan Morrison, and Wade Flaherty. Another one is Pogge and Nik Antropov to Vancouer for Matt Cooke, Trevor Linden, Taylor Pyatt, and a first-round draft pick. The last one i heard was Pogge and Bryan McCabe to Vancouver for Matt Cooke, Sami Salo, and a first and second round pick.
These rumors aren't speculation, they are factual rumors. Dave Nonis is talking to John Ferguson about these deals happening, and I expect one to happen by October.
Lupul signs with Edmonton (e5)

My sources just told me that Joffrey Lupul has signed a 3 year deal with the Edmonton Oilers worth 7 million dollars. The deal averages out to 2.5 million a year.

Quick Hits for Saturday:
Jason Allison- Vancouver(e3) Peter Bondra- Capitals (e3) Victor Kozlov-Washington (e4)
Anson Carter-Detroit (e4), Pittsburgh (e3), Val Bure-Vancouver (e3)
Radek Dvorak- Vancouver (e4)

Trade rumors continue to swirl around the Devils and Habs. One source said it this way, "The word is that Carbs feels the team needs a face, and a leadership core. There is a feeling that Gionta could be a part of that, and the Devils may also be intersted in Aebischer."Meanwhile another source claims the Flames are "just waiting to see if Gomez becomes available. Something that will not occur until the Gionta thing is settled one way or the other."

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Naslund for Gagne (e5)

Due to the stalling contract talks of Simon Gagne, the Flyers have pulled the trigger on the deal that sends Simon Gagne to the Vancouver Canucks for Markus Naslund. The Canucks now have to get Gagne under contract. This should be announced by the major sports networks very soon.

Other NHL rumors floating around:

Anson Carter is all but signed with Detroit, my sources tell me.

The Crosby to Canucks rumor is also still alive, but talks have been stalled for a bit, and this will be made official by next week.

Recently on Sportstalk, I forgot to mention one rumor that i heard a week ago. Apparently, the Lighting are willing to send Vincent Lecavalier to the Canucks in return for Matt Cooke and Brendan Morrison. As a result, the Canucks sign Jason Allison because of the freed up cap space.

More news tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tuesday's News and Rumors

Marek Svatos re-signed with the Colorado Avalanche. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. This has not been reported by major media outlets, buy by a Slovakian website.

The Radek Dvorak signing with NYR is also being reported in a lot of Czech media outlets.

Evgeni Malkin has officially signed. This gives the Pens the best young 1-2 centers in the league.

A huge rumor i heard last night was that the Canucks are very close to trading Matt Cooke, Brendan Morrison, Henrik Sedin, and a first round pick to Pittsburgh for Sidney Crosby, Michel Ouellet, and Dominic Moore. This is almost a done deal, and should be announced by Friday.